Violent Crimes Attorney in Las Vegas

Being charged with a violent crime is a very serious legal matter in Nevada, and especially in the Las Vegas region. The types of charges that are classified as violent varies widely. It is not necessary to use a weapon in Nevada to be charged with a violent crime, including domestic violence. Crafting a defense can be a tedious process when there are both physical and testimonial evidence, but it is not impossible. The law does clearly work against the defendant in every aspect. This is why it is imperative to have an experienced violent crimes attorney building a solid defense to the case. The attorney you choose can make a big difference, which is why calling Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Gary Guymon is a must.

Why You Should Select Gary Guymon

Just any lawyer will not suffice when clients have been charged with violent crimes. NV public advocates are often overworked with large caseloads that do not allow the time necessary to craft a strong defense for each individual. Having an overloaded attorney usually does not produce satisfactory results, as they often will not want to defend their clients in a trial. Many violent crimes cases get tried when details are sketchy because of the serious nature of a conviction. Having a private lawyer means your rights to full defense will be enforced.

Investigating the Case

The first step your violent crimes attorney from the Law Office of Gary Guymon will take is conducting a full independent investigation of all alleged activity and begin crafting a defense pinpointing all case weaknesses while questioning potential witnesses. Criminal charges alleging rape, assault, or robbery can often be lacking in documented evidence. In addition, lesser incidents that could be criminal are not necessarily violent when they involve abandonment or negligence, both of which are classed as violent criminal matters in NV. The potential for being overcharged when a prosecutor wants enhanced penalties is significant and it always takes aggressive legal representation for an acceptable case outcome.

Contact Las Vegas Violent Crimes Attorney Gary Guymon

Never accept the concept that a violent crimes charge in Nevada cannot be defended vigorously by a violent crimes attorney. Always contact Gary Guymon Las Vegas criminal defense attorney for comprehensive legal representation.

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