Criminal convictions always create a stigma for everyone in Nevada who must live with the aftermath. Serious cases can impact aspects of life ranging from employment possibilities to securing acceptable and affordable housing. And even though petit larceny is usually a misdemeanor conviction, it can still create a problem with respect to potential perceived dishonesty issues. This alone is sufficient reason to retain an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney like Gary Guymon when fighting the charges.

Petty Larceny Vs Grand Larceny

All larceny charges fall into the general category of theft with the difference between petty larceny and grand larceny being based on the property value. The threshold for a misdemeanor charge is set at $650, which can be argumentative in some cases. Theft cases for less than $250 are even less severe and rarely result in jail time. Shoplifting is actually the most common type of petit larceny with the property value being set at the retail selling price. Parameters are simple even when evidence details are not.

Attorney Defense Options

According to Nevada law, petit larceny is a misdemeanor crime that typically carries a fine of up to $1000 and six months in jail. In addition, restitution is usually required as well. Even in relatively strong cases, an attorney can craft a defense that includes an offer of restitution along with minimizing any ordered fines. Attorney Gary Guymon has represented many clients facing petit larceny charges and understands how to craft a defense while negotiating a potential reduction in charges with minimal penalties. Clients are often exonerated completely in weak cases where reasonable doubt can be supported with testimony and documentation. Many shoplifting cases in NV can be questionable and factors can range widely. Examples can include:

  • Removing property from a hotel room
  • Removing fixtures from real property
  • Theft by unlawful taking of any property

Contact Gary Guymon NV Criminal Defense Lawyer

Having a lawyer who focuses their practice on criminal defense is essential in any petit larceny case. Even though charges are relatively simple, there can be restrictions later in life for those who are convicted. Nevada residents should always contact Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Gary Guymon when facing any type of shoplifting charge.

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