When You Need a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

In Las Vegas, marijuana is legalized for a medical purpose and for recreational use, though in controlled amounts. Possession of too much of the drug is illegal and can lead to conviction or a prison sentence, especially without the help of a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney. The charges for marijuana possession tend to be more severe depending on the amount in possession.

NV law has outlined different charges for marijuana possession. Depending on the quantity of marijuana in question, the charges include first, second, third, and fourth offense. As the offenses move up the scale, so do the penalties. The law is against the possession of marijuana to sell or growing marijuana except in small quantities for medicinal use. For marijuana possession with the intent of selling to clients, the first time offense can be suspended if there is no other history of illegal drugs. However, the second and third offenses are considered class C and B felonies and stand a chance of a prison sentence and a hefty fine.

Another category that charges marijuana possession includes selling the drug to minors and having accessories associated with the drug. Despite that, a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can assist in defense against the charges. Commonly, the defense used against the charges includes the following:

Police Entrapment.

The police are entitled to bait drug dealers to find arrest leads. However, it will be handy for a lawyer knowledgeable on defense to show that were it not for the police engagement, the client wouldn’t have done it.

Lack Of Evidence

According to Nevada laws, you need incriminating evidence for one to be charged for an offense. However, if the complainant fails to provide the proof, then the case is likely to be dismissed because nothing can prove the defendant guilty.

Medical Marijuana

One can be found in marijuana possession if they have a license for possessing it. For such a case, one must carry a permit from Nevada.

Working With a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

For a competent Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, contact our office. We offer a reliable Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney who has years of experience in this area of practice. Trial attorney Gary L. Guymon has been in practice for over 25 years and will provide the best possible defense. Our clients have affirmed that time and again.

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