When Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you or your family member have been arrested, you may wonder when you should hire an LV criminal defense attorney. There are many things that enter into such a decision. Many times, the primary concern is how much it will cost. This is a reasonable concern. Hiring an attorney can be very costly. However, it is good to consider that having an attorney on your side very early in the legal process oftentimes has the result of lower expenses towards the end of the legal process.

What exactly is an LV Criminal Defense Attorney?

An LV Criminal Defense Attorney is someone who will guide your path through the complex legal system to help you arrive at the best possible outcome. This includes filing the necessary paperwork, preparing your defense strategies, and presenting them in court. The legal process has many ins and out that a layperson does not understand. When it is your reputation on the line, you will want someone who is familiar with the complete legal process. An LV Criminal Defense Attorney is someone who can do this. Depending on how serious your charges are, spending a few thousand dollars can e much less painful than receiving the consequences the courts can hand out.

At What Point in The Process Should I Hire an LV Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It is best to have an LV Criminal Defense Attorney representing you from the onset of your case. They can give you advice and counsel that may prevent further problems in your case later on. The earlier you contact an attorney, the better. The more serious your charges are, the more important this becomes.

Many times, you will be released and be told when your arraignment will occur. The arraignment hearing is where you will be officially notified of what crimes you are being charged with. At that point, you will be asked if you plead guilty or not guilty. You may be able to meet with the prosecutor after the arraignment. It will be extremely important to have your legal counsel with you at this meeting.

If you have an attorney representing you before the time of your arraignment, you will be able to meet with them and they can explain in detail the charges against you. Knowing this before you enter the courtroom will make the process that much less frightening. It will also give you a better understanding of the potential penalties you might receive. Knowing all of this makes you more informed when you are offered a pleas agreement and will help you make a better choice.

Having An Attorney On Your Side

Fighting a case like this can be painful and emotional. Having an attorney by your side, who has been through the process many times, can make the process go much easier. Contact Gary Guymon for a free initial consultation today.

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