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Las Vegas DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys

DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys

Driving under the influence is assuredly a serious crime in Nevada just as it is all across the United States. Prosecutors are focused on stopping this practice everywhere, and many tourist cities like Las Vegas are even more focused. Alcohol is not the only chemical that can result in a drunk driving charge, as prescription drugs, marijuana, medical marijuana, and other illegal drugs have been added to the list of intoxicants acceptable for a driving under the influence charge. DUI criminal defense attorneys like Gary Guymon at Gary L Guymon PC understand the gravity of these charges, and they are dedicated to providing a strong defense for all clients regardless of case details.

Alcohol DUI Charges

Most charges for driving under the influence primarily involve alcohol, even though other chemicals can be part of the mix as well. It is not uncommon for arresting officers to request blood tests in addition to a blood alcohol concentration reading when some drivers are apprehended for suspicion of drunk driving. Alcohol-related cases are based on blood alcohol testing with a BAC reading of 0.08% being the necessary level for filing drunk driving charges. However, if there are other circumstances involved, you may still be charged even without the necessary level. In addition, aggravated charges can be filed when blood alcohol concentration is well above the limit or other extenuating circumstances exist. The Las Vegas DUI criminal defense attorneys at Gary L Guymon PC  understand how BAC is used in DUI cases, and also that there are certain specifics regarding testing devices that can be contested when material evidence is evaluated.

Driving Under the Influence of Illegal Drugs

It is also common for Nevada drivers to be apprehended and charged for DUI when using chemicals other than alcohol. Marijuana and prescription drugs are included on this list, but there are also includes other drugs included that have no medical application. These chemicals are typically identified by a blood test following the issuance of a warrant by a Nevada judge after an officer requests one. This can be problematic for those who take prescription medications or use cannabis in any form because there are no tests that measure drug latency at the time of apprehension like a BAC test. This means that officer testimony is a significant element for the prosecution, and Las Vegas DUI criminal defense attorneys can cross-exam any arresting officer regarding their judgment and observances at the time of the arrest.

Multiple Offense DUI

Another major issue with DUI charges is that they can be enhanced when a defendant has prior convictions within a seven-year period, with those receiving a third citation being prosecuted as felons. This is where DUI cases get very serious, as a Class B felony conviction can result in at least one-year incarceration in a state facility. Details are vital when felony charges are being applied, and especially when drugs other than alcohol are central to the case. DUI criminal defense attorneys understand the long-term ramifications for a conviction beyond jail time, as a conviction also carries significant fines and ADE training for a license to be reinstated. The standard driving license suspension for multiple offenses is up to three years with up to six years incarceration depending on the severity of the charge.

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