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If you are arrested and get charged with a felony, your life can become stressful and confusing. You will have many questions about what will happen next. Things you may wonder is how long will you spend in jail? How severe will the penalties be? Or will you lose your job? These are all questions a Las Vegas Criminal Defense attorney can answer.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense is different than other court cases. An attorney should have defense experience and always have your best interests in mind. Our LV Criminal Defense Attorneys put our clients first. We work hard to help them restore their lives to the way things were before.

Each case is unique, so you deserve a tailored, individualized defense that is specific to your case. A criminal lawyer will listen to you and make an effort to understand your needs and wants. Gary Guymon will give you all the information you need about your case and options to help you make the right decision.

High Profile Criminal Cases

Attorney Gary Guymon has been trusted with the lives of defendants in high-profile cases that carry severe penalties. Learn more about Mr. Guymon and how he approaches cases.

This website contains information on Nevada’s minimum and maximum penalties, as well as their legal definitions and the possibility of plea deals.

Many subtle factors can affect the way that your case is handled by the District Attorney and law enforcement. A Las Vegas Criminal Defense attorney is the best person to help you understand the impact of these little factors on the outcome of your case. A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer must be able to understand both the written and unwritten rules. You run the risk of being pushed through the criminal justice process in a manner that is convenient for you, your lawyer, and law enforcement if a careful evaluation of your case is not completed. A criminal attorney should always be there for your best interests. Nick Wooldridge is a dedicated criminal attorney who puts his clients first. He works hard to help them get their lives back.

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