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Las Vegas Expungement and Record Sealing Lawyer

One of the first steps many convicted defendants want to take following completing a punishment phase of their case is to have the conviction record sealed. While this process can assuredly be a positive step over the long run, there are certain requirements that must be met before a judge will order the records of the incident to be sealed. All states do not allow the legal process of expungement, and many of the ones that do also implement the Nevada system of Sealing Criminal Records for restricting the public viewing of a criminal conviction after an order for expungement is issued. And it is always essential to have experienced expungement and record sealing attorneys like Gary Guymon handling the procedure for a successful outcome to the petition. There are specific fees for each component of the criminal record sealing, and it is best to know your case is acceptable before the process begins.

Qualifications for Criminal Record Expungement

Expungement and record sealing attorneys in Nevada emphasize to clients that every criminal record is not necessarily available for sealing. The state of Nevada does not actually remove and destroy the record of the conviction, but instead orders the sealing through the court system and other government agencies when the defendant files a qualified request. There is a significant waiting period for very serious crimes that can be expunged, and there are some criminal convictions that cannot be sealed under any circumstances. Those offense classes are all crimes against children of any type or sexual offense convictions as well as felony DUI records. The classification waiting period to have a record sealed includes:

  • Class A or B Felony – 15 years
  • Class C or D Felony – 12 years
  • Class E Felony – 7 years
  • Gross Misdemeanor – 7 years
  • Misdemeanor DUI – 7 years
  • Misdemeanor Domestic Violence – 7 years
  • Standard Misdemeanor – 2 years

Criminal Record Expungement Process With Expungement and Record Sealing Attorneys

Expunging a record of any criminal conviction begins with significant research and a background check to ensure that the petitioner is still in good standing with the court system. This is a general requirement to have any record sealed. And, the whole of a petitioner’s criminal record is not eligible either. Each case must be evaluated individually. In addition, district attorneys may also want to conduct a separate background check in double-checking the information provided by the petitioner’s expungement and record sealing attorneys. This can slow the finalization in some instances even if the DA does not find any discrepancies because the criminal record repository is backlogged with requests. Your expungement attorney from Gary L Guymon PC understands this possibility, and they will ensure that as much information as possible is presented with the court submission. This includes a current background check.

Contact Gary L Guymon PC Las Vegas Expungement and Record Sealing Attorneys

The expungement attorney that is chosen to handle a sealing petition is an important decision for any convicted defendant because the benefits of approval are numerous. The petitioner can claim they do not have any criminal record in some cases, and the record only appears to Nevada court officials in any subsequent arrests. This can be a real positive for a convicted individual with a future to protect. Nevada residents should always call Gary Guymon at Gary L Guymon PC Las Vegas expungement and record sealing attorneys for comprehensive professional service when needing a conviction record sealed.

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