You’ve probably heard that Las Vegas is a party destination. Most people have heard that Las Vegas is a place where you won’t be punished for having too much fun, that what happens here, stays here. The truth of it, unfortunately, is, that you could be required to stay here too. Any Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer knows that Nevada has a long list of serious criminal charges for drug possession and paraphernalia.

You should immediately hire a Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer if you are charged with a Las Vegas drug crime. Multiple charges could be brought against you for the same drug crime. Nevertheless, in many cases, particularly with first offenses, it is possible to negotiate a lower sentence.

An experienced Nevada drug crime defense lawyer can help you to understand the differences between the charges and how you can negotiate lower sentences or get the charges dropped altogether.

What is a Nevada drug crime and how can it be prevented?

You could be charged with a drug crime if you engage in any of the activities below. Possession of:

  • a controlled substance
  • Drugs with the intention of selling
  • Drug paraphernalia for personal use
  • Paraphernalia for drugs that you intend to sell

It can still be a crime to possess drugs or paraphernalia for personal use. You don’t even have to be the owner of the drug or paraphernalia in order to be charged for possession. It is possible to be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia or drugs that belong to another person. Contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney today if you were arrested for a drug crime because police found drugs belonging to someone else in your car or house. This can be a crucial fact in your defense.


Gary L Guymon has a long history of successfully representing clients in Nevada accused of a serious state or federal crimes. Any defendant making a decision about which attorney to represent them in defending any drug charges in Las Vegas is a significant one. It is an investment in their future and freedom. A drug possession lawyer representing the case can make all the difference. Gary Guymon is the attorney of choice in Las Vegas.

How Nevada law defines possession in a drug case.

You can possess a controlled substance in Nevada in three different ways. Any one of these three methods is sufficient to support drug crime charges:

  • Actual possession – This is when police find drugs in your body or on your clothes
  • Constructive Possession when drugs are found inside your medicine cabinet or another place that no one but you are likely to access;
  • Joint possession – This is when you have drugs in your bedroom with your boyfriend and it is difficult to determine to who the drugs belong.

Is it legal to possess drugs?

Although possession of drugs such as heroin and cocaine is always illegal there are technical guidelines that define when it is legal to possess other drugs. For example, prescriptions for drugs that are legal. It is illegal to possess a drug if it was not legally prescribed directly to you.

On the other side, having drugs legally can also lead to a criminal conviction. While having prescription drugs that are in your name are fine. But using any prescription drugs that cause impairment while driving can be grounds for a DUI.

Contacting a Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer

You may be able to avoid some of the harshest punishments under Nevada’s drug laws if you have a strong defense team. It may be possible for a Las Vegas Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer to have some drug charges dismissed.¬†Contact us as soon as you can if you’ve been arrested on drug charges in order to have us create a defense for you.

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