Drug Defense

Your rights should be protected by fighting the drug possession charges. To best defend yourself, hire a Drug Charges Defense Attorney.

Our skilled Las Vegas Drug Charges Defense Attorney can help you defend yourself and fight your drug charges. Your life could be affected if you are charged with drug offenses. A lengthy prison sentence or jail term could be imposed on you. You could face significant fines and even the possibility of your vehicle or home being taken by the police for a drug offense. It may be difficult to get a job or maintain a driver’s license if you have a drug conviction. Our Las Vegas Drug Charges Defense Attorney is ready to fight for your rights.

Our drug crime lawyers aggressively represent clients facing drug charges. However, being charged with a drug offense does not automatically mean you are convicted. You must fight the charges. You have to work hard to build defenses and fight the prosecution of your case.

Our Las Vegas Drug Charges Defense Attorney

Gary L Guymon PC knows that drug charges shouldn’t stand in your way. We understand that being charged with a drug offense can be stressful and a burden on your life. Our drug defense attorneys are here to help you address the allegations and get your life back on track as soon as possible.

You have rights. You have the right to experienced counsel if you are facing drug charges. Our Drug Charges Defense Attorney in Las Vegas for drug offenses will represent you at all court appearances. To ensure that every hearing is smooth, we speak on your behalf. You are not alone in your drug charges defense. The outcome of a case can significantly be affected by how well you handle the charges. You can be confident that our legal team will do everything possible to help you fight the charges.

Drug Crime Arrest

Are you facing drug charges? We can help!

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Las Vegas Drug Charges Defense Attorney to Help You

Both the government and police are stepping up their efforts to stop illegal drug use. Your constitutional rights as citizens are protected by the constitution. Our drug defense lawyers have a deep understanding of both criminal procedure and drug defense laws. We will protect your rights and interests at all times. Nevada has some of the most restrictive drug possession and distribution laws in America, so it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Gary L Guymon PC has represented clients facing charges for drug possession, intent-to-sell, driving under the effect of drugs (DUID), and many other drug crimes. A drug lawyer who will protect your rights and prevent you from receiving harsh and unfair sentences is essential. A lawyer who has experience in the courtroom is required.

Our drug defense lawyers will work tirelessly to build a strong defense for you, defend you in court, and get the best possible outcome for your case. Gary L Guymon PC’s Las Vegas drug lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of clients facing various drug possession or distribution charges. Our drug lawyers can handle any case, including:

How a Las Vegas Drug Defense Lawyer Can Help You With Your Case

Because we are familiar with all the options available to you, our Las Vegas drug defense lawyer can assist you in your case. Your lawyer has the experience to help you decide the best defense strategy. An experienced criminal defense attorney will help you explore all options to present the best defense possible in your case.

Nevada Drug Charges: Presenting Defenses

There may be very strong defenses. These defenses may be well-known and you will need assistance to effectively present them to the state’s lawyer, the court, and the jury. You must present your defenses in a professional manner, even if they are strong. A preliminary motion can result in the dismissal of the whole case if the police have violated your constitutional rights. It is up to you, however, to make the motion and explain how the law is applicable to the case. A Las Vegas drug defense attorney is available to assist you. Contact our office today.

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