Gary L Guymon PC’s criminal law attorney specializes in providing exceptional legal representation for those facing criminal charges in Las Vegas or surrounding areas. We offer full-service criminal defense to ensure that you get a fair trial for all misdemeanors and felony charges.

Gary L Guymon, a Las Vegas criminal law attorney, and his team of experienced lawyers offer tireless and aggressive legal representation to anyone facing criminal charges. Gary L Guymon, a top criminal defense trial attorney in Las Vegas, provides solid legal support and results.

After you have been charged with a crime, or are being investigated for it, it is important to hire a qualified criminal law attorney. Criminal lawyers have extensive knowledge of the legal process surrounding criminal charges and arrests, including court proceedings and appeals.

Gary L Guymon PC Criminal Lawyers are equipped to handle misdemeanors and felony cases in federal and state courts. Our client-focused approach allows us to assist clients in any criminal defense matter, including appeals of criminal cases, probation violations, parole violations, and any other criminal law issues you might be facing.

Gary L Guymon PC is a criminal defense firm that focuses on fighting for your rights. We are experienced, professional and aggressive. Gary, a respected Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney will work with his team to provide criminal defense representation. They will use a proactive approach that seeks strategic advantage in each case.

Gary L Guymon PC provides a free initial case evaluation for anyone who has been charged with a crime. This allows you to talk about the details of your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Gary L Guymon PC will allow you to ask questions regarding the charges you are facing and the legal process. Although a consultation is not an obligation to hire our attorneys, we believe that it will give you confidence in the quality and professionalism of our criminal defense.


It can be overwhelming and stressful to go through the legal process after a criminal arrest, or when one is involved in a criminal investigation. Criminal cases can be a complicated process, which can prove to be devastating and unfair for defendants, especially if they have a criminal record.

To improve your chances of a favorable outcome, you should hire a Las Vegas criminal attorney if you are charged in Las Vegas with a crime. A criminal conviction can result in jail time or legal penalties. However, even if they don’t have such severe repercussions they can impact your ability to obtain a job or housing, or qualify for government assistance. Gary L Guymon PC’s experience with local courts and prosecutors as well as law enforcement provides critical insight that will help you better defend your case.

Every year, Nevada passes new criminal laws that have harsher penalties. Therefore, it is crucial to retain a skilled criminal lawyer. Las Vegas criminal attorneys have a deep understanding of Las Vegas law, which increases the likelihood of getting an innocent verdict or a reduced sentence.

An experienced Las Vegas criminal law attorney may be the best option for clearing your name. An experienced criminal lawyer has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the legal process and then strategically defend you.

All legal issues related to your case can be handled by a Gary L Guymon PC criminal law attorney that includes:

  • The Legal Process And Explanation Of Charges
  • Completed Paperwork And Timely Submission
  • Identification Of Potential Issues
  • Build Your Case Defense
  • Locate, Guide, And Interview Witnesses
  • Investigate The Charges And Gather Evidence To Clear Your Charges
  • Protect Civil Rights
  • Offer Protection From The Prosecution
  • Interact With The Individuals Involved With Your Case
  • Resolve Charges
  • Arrange A Plea Bargain For Your Approval
  • Clear Your Criminal Record


Gary L Guymon PC offers comprehensive Criminal Defense for any misdemeanor and felony charge. Gary L Guymon, Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, and his team of skilled lawyers can provide exceptional legal representation for all charges, including:

Gary L Guymon PC will defend your rights and present a strong, strategic defense to protect your reputation and keep you from receiving severe penalties. Gary L Guymon PC offers quality criminal defense. Call us at 702-758 585858 to discuss your case.

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