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If you were arrested for a crime in Las Vegas, Nevada, you are likely going through a lot of stress in your life. You are probably even confused with all the questions that lay ahead of you. When will you be able to get out of jail? What kinds of punishment will you likely face? Will your loved ones stand by you? Will you lose your job? After being arrested, you may be tempted to take the advice of friends and family members. You may even be tempted to trust the police officers to give you good advice. However, each criminal case is different from the next one and you should not leave your freedom to chance. To get your best result, you will want to have a qualified and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Las Vegas like Gary L. Guymon on your side to guide you through the complexities of the legal system.

About Gary L. Guymon

Gary L. Guymon - Criminal Defense Attorney Las Vegas
Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney, Gary L. Guymon, is prepared to assist you in fighting your case in Nevada’s courts. Contact him at 702-758-5858 as soon as you can after being arrested. You can schedule a free initial consultation to review your case and plan a defense strategy to fit your case. He will be able to explain the procedures and what you can likely expect. Gary represents people who have been arrested for small or serious offenses. With more than 25 years of experience in small to high profile cases, Gary is more than qualified to help you with your legal matter. Contact Gary if you were arrested for DUI, drug possession, possession of marijuana, firearms and weapons, sex crimes or prostitution, domestic violenceassault or battery, embezzlement, petty larceny, or burglary and theft.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Las Vegas Help You?

You will want to have a Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas to build the strongest case possible. The police and the prosecutor are not there to help you. They have their own agenda, to get the most convictions possible.  Your attorney can evaluate the steps that were taken in your case to see if they were legal. They will also evaluate the strength of the State’s evidence and case against you. Gary L. Guymon will then use this information to build you the strongest defense possible. His goal is to protect your rights. Call him today.

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